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Denmark is one of the most popular international study destinations in Europe thanks to its low study costs, high-quality English-taught Master’s degrees and the innovative teaching methods. International students also choose Denmark due to its great standard of living and the large variety of study subjects available at Danish universities.

If you’re thinking aboutΒ studying abroad in Denmark, finding out detailed information about tuition and living costs will help you make an informed decision for your future. Keep reading to find out estimates of tuition fees, accommodation costs and expenses for food, transportation and extra study materials.

Well Decorated Education System

The education system of Denmark is one of the most advanced and high quality. They have some of the world-ranked universities, which helped them to maintain their educational standard. Their top-notch universities produced many achievements in the field of science and culture. Danish education systems are very much practical and well recognized in the competitive job sector of other countries. Danish education system mostly focuses on innovation, creativity critical thinking. A student can experience a very advanced and up-to-date environment for education and industry experience to enhance their boundary of learning. Some of their universities have global partners who help their students meet up the challenges of many of the latest knowledge of the growing world’s competitive labor market.

Competitive Tuition fees

Tuition fees for EU- European union, EEA-European Economic Area and Switzerland is free for higher education and university education. For other international students’ tuition fees can be from 6000 euro to 16000 euro. For exchange students’ tuition fees are free in any Danish universities. In other case students can study freely in Denmark if they have

  • PR availability
  • Temporary residence permit and later on can be changed into permanent

Globally recognitions of Danish Universities

For a small country, Denmark has some of the finest universities in the world. According to the statistics of the world universities ranking, 7 of the Danish universities are highly preferable for the world labor market. These universities mostly focus on creating award-winning personalities all over the world.

Innovation in Teaching

Innovation in teaching is a must in the education system of Denmark. Their traditional learning will help an international student to master evolving skills, motivational skills, problem-based solving. They create a real-life scenario to practice and evolve with the situation.

Scholarship of Danish Universities

Many European organization offers Institutional scholarship to study in Denmark under the institutional agreement. Some of the notable scholarship programs of Denmark are

  • Nordplus
  • Erasmus Mundus
  • Erasmus
  • Fulbright Commission
  • Government Scholarship of Denmark

World’s Happiest Country

According to the world happiness report of the world Denmark dominates the world happiest country award. There are other debatable facts from Denmark where other countries critics can propose a second opinion but when it comes to happiness Denmark is without saying the happiest country in the world. There are some of the facts for which Denmark is called the happiest country, they are

  • Maximum security in everyday life
  • Welfare projects for nations as they have high taxes but receive social security, universal healthcare and also universal pension scheme.
  • Copenhagen is called the world happiest city in the world because of its festive culture
  • Food and drink, Christmas and lighting are breathtaking in Denmark.

Low-Cost living Condition

In comparison to other European countries, Denmark offers a gentle cost for living. A student can live comfortably for 300 to 500 Euros a month.

Part Time Job Facilities for Students

For a student working beside job is allowed in Denmark. An international student can work up to 20 hours a week. On holidays and other festivals, a student can work with no restrictions. A student can easily make their living by earning from a part-time job in Denmark.

Become a Permanent Citizen of Denmark

A student can apply to be a citizen of Denmark under some rules and regulations. In Denmark, PR is like a point-based scheme. If a person scores 100 based on criminal record, language skill, job skill then he or she will get a visa of 18 months. This visa can be extended based on the job length of a person. Usually, a person has to stay at most 7 years to apply for PR in Denmark. Another quick way to become a Danish citizen is to marry a girl from Denmark. In that way, his or her spouse can sponsor the Denmark PR.

A Land of Natural Beauties

Denmark has some of the most astonishing landscapes in the world. For many tourists, it is called the Scandinavian paradise. Their main city and capital Copenhagen is the happiest city in the world. To discover the natural beauty of Denmark is very worthy to a tourist. Wherever you go ocean is not more than 50 kilos from any city in Denmark.

Finally, study in Denmark with Scholarship from Bangladesh is really an especial opportunity, student shouldn’t miss out.

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